Door Duty Bottle Duty Speaker's Host Technical
January 9 Ian Mutch Rob Burke David Grant Michael Archibald
16 Graham Harding Fiona Easton * *
23 Ian Dargie Robert Macduff-Duncan Susan Hellier Rob Burke
30 Frances Dean Euan Stewart * *
February 6 Shona Weir David Grant Anne Jones Ian Dargie
13 Maureen Young Susan Hellier * *
20 Fiona Easton Neil Townend Michael Archibald David Grant
27 Anne Jones Frances Dean * *
March 6 Rob Burke Shona Weir Roger Ward Robert Macduff-Duncan
13 David Grant Ian Mutch * *
20 Roger Ward Ian Dargie Maureen Young Euan Stewart
27 Euan Stewart Graham Harding * *

* = Business or Committees Meeting.

Members are asked to arrange a replacement when they are unable to take a duty. This includes those on leave of absence.