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Text Box: Wednesday 22 Nov.  2006
Text Box: By George
Text Box: The monthly Newsletter of the Rotary Club of Perth St Johns


Large Turnout For Visit By DG

Club Clearly In Good Heart, He Says

Nairnshire Update

To date, the 2006 Nairnshire Challenge has raised over £28000, with money still coming in.  The Rotary Club of Nairn have been asked if they can supply a speaker, although available dates may make it difficult.


The Perthshire Challenge

As promised last month, the Vocational Service Committee have walked the Foot Section of the route. They completed the 13 mile walk on Tuesday 7 November.

David Cuthbert and Sandy Scrimgeour were not blessed with sunshine, but at  least it was dry for most of the time.

Read their views on the route on Page 3.

Christmas Parcel Deliveries

This year’s deliveries will be undertaken by Club Members from Thursday 14 December through until Wednesday 20 December. See Page 2  for full story.

The visit by 1010 District Governor Bill Leslie on 1 November attracted a comparatively large turnout of members. Not always the biggest crowd puller, the DG visit may have benefited this year from Bill Leslie’s visit to the Club earlier in the Rotary year when he accompanied RIBI President Peter Offer. On that occasion, Bill had been accompanied by his wife Mary, but she was unavailable to come down this time due to being in Court that day - she is a J.P.

Speaking in a straightforward down to earth style, DG Bill demonstrated he had done his homework on activities being embraced by Perth St Johns. It was clear he was speaking from the heart in asking us to take part in a week of fundraising for cancer charities, although his chosen week started 5 days after he spoke.

DG Bill expressed the belief that the Club was in good heart, adding that this is also what RIBI President Peter Offer had said about District 1010 in general.

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