By George

Text Box: Wednesday 16 August   2006
Text Box: By George
Text Box: The monthly Newsletter of the Rotary Club of Perth St Johns


Another Successful Event

Good Weather, Good Fellowship and Entry Issues Resolved

However you look at it, Perth Show was a success for the Club.

Held on the weekend of Friday/Saturday 4/5 August, it raised the Rotary profile, raised money, raised interest in our new fundraiser and provided the opportunity for members to spend time together giving Service Above Self. The weather was excellent and there was no repeat of the issues around entry which caused some problems last year.

22 Members, wives and children worked on the Stand over the 2 days (some on both days) and the fellowship was good. There was good natured banter around the

fact that President Mike and PP Mo. kept going away to ‘network’ with other Stand holders (and of course it would have been churlish of them to turn down any offer of a drink!).

Although the main purpose of taking a Stand at the Show has NEVER been to raise money, but to raise the Rotary profile, the Roll A Dice again proved a successful way to get patrons interested.


Perthshire Challenge Launch

Enthusiastic Response

The launch of the new fundraising venture for Vocational Service got off to a good start at Perth Show.

On the back of pre Show publicity, a significant number of visitors to the Rotary Stand were already aware of the event and came specifically looking for information on it.

A total of 31 people registered an interest. IF that translated into completed entries, this would be almost a third of the total number of entrants which will be allowed this year.

Things are moving quickly in the planning for the first Perthshire Challenge. See full report on Page 3.


Cricket Goes To Plan

Long Term Strategy Used

Convenor Ian Mutch confessed to being well pleased with the results of this years cricket matches. “In both the matches, we allowed the opposition to score so many runs, that they will be too tired when next year’s games come along! I fully anticipate that if it hasn’t worked, similar tactics will be used again next year.”

Full Sports Report on Page 5

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