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Text Box: Wednesday  12 July 2006
Text Box: By George
Text Box: The monthly Newsletter of the Rotary Club of Perth St Johns


President Michael Relies On His Team (He’s Deluded!)


President Michael Jamieson, pictured here in happier times, has taken the decision to put his trust in his convenors, keeping only a light hand on the tiller.

This led to an entertaining Assembly which, whilst starting at the earlier time of 6.30pm, still didn’t manage to finish until 9.30pm. Some have tried to blame IPP George for being reluctant to draw his year to a close; some blame ADG Robin for not walking out when he had the chance (he was asked a direct question), whilst others point to the questionable need for the level of detail provided by some of the anarchists convenors.

There seems little doubt that the year ahead will be

 memorable, since the new President indulges in more ad libbing than Bobby Ball, but don’t be fooled. The pride Michael has in being chosen as our President shines like a beacon, and he will do nothing to dull that shine. To that end, he may wish to consider a quote from King George V.

This Club is not mine to dispose of as I wish; I have it in trust; I must account for it to those that come after me.

(What HRH actually said was “the wildlife of today is not ours to dispose of as we please, we have it in trust, we must account for it for those that come after”, but I stop short of calling the Members wildlife, even if the sentiment is the same).

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A Challenge To The Club As Well As The Public

Fundraiser Will Test Perth St Johns’ Ability To Work As A Team

The Rotary Perthshire Challenge, a duathlon for teams of three, looks set to take place next June, albeit a week later than first thought. Following a very helpful meeting with Visitscotland, Vocational Convenor Sandy Scrimgeour now favours Sunday 17 June 2007, avoiding a clash with the expected date for the Perth Gold Cup and Edinburgh Marathon the previous week. A final decision on the date and viability will be made within the next few weeks.

The Challenge has the potential to raise considerable sums of money for a single day event, but will only succeed if every Club Member gets involved and works as part of the team. This was recognised by Club Council meeting for the first time on 3 July. Every member of Council pledged their individual support, and to work to bring their Committee members on board as needed.

This is probably the biggest event in terms of planning that the Club has undertaken since  Superfirm in the late Seventies. That project is still spoken of fondly by those involved, who recall the work, but also the satisfaction felt by everyone at a job well done. Watch this space.

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