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By George


Exchange Your Home With A Rotarian

As Used And Recommended By DG Erik Simpson

Imagine languishing on a beach in The Bahamas, touring the Tsitsikama National Park in South Africa, or skiing in the mighty Alps. Perhaps you've always fancied yourself and your family taking trips to distant lands, but when you added up the plane fares, cost of hotel rooms, meals, and other entertainment, your hopes were dashed and you became disheartened. Don't despair. Now you can afford to travel to places you may have only dreamed about. You can live like a native, meet the neighbours, shop in local stores,

and eat in neighbourhood restaurants. How is all this possible?  By using the Rotary Home Exchange scheme.

The Rotary International Home Exchange Fellowship is a group of Rotarians dedicated to promoting Home Exchange as an opportunity for fellowship and service.

This Fellowship operates in accordance with Rotary International policy, but is not an agency of, or controlled by, Rotary International.

This relationship was established as a way to offer a world class internet

This relationship was established as a way to offer a world class internet site exclusively to Rotary Members because of a belief in Home Exchange as a comfortable alternative to high priced hotels and typical tourist vacations, and a way to experience an area as a local, not a tourist. The  www.RotaryHomeExchange.com website provides Rotarians the comfort and security of knowing they are exchanging with fellow Rotarians.

There is a Scottish representative on the Rotary Home Exchange Fellowship Committee. He is :

Allan Galt
Rotary Club of Dumbarton


The Future Of By George Lies With You

Is It Worth The Effort?                                                                    By Sandy Scrimgeour


Not for the first time, the future of the Club Newsletter hangs in the balance. After two years of continual struggle to persuade members to submit copy, your Editor has decided to conduct a poll about the value of the publication to the Club.

This is done in the knowledge that the last time I tried to canvas members for their views was in my Presidential year. On that occasion, 8 members out of 48 replied! (Note to President Elect Michael - “Don’t overestimate the power of the President”)

Recognising that this could happen again, but wanting to

ensure that every voice is heard, it seems appropriate to find a way to count those who don’t reply.

There are only six questions, the first of which asks whether the Club should have a Newsletter. In analysing the results, the ‘No Replys’ will be counted as a ‘NO’ to that question.

Is it worth the effort? I happen to think it is, but that is only one view. Let’s hear yours.

A stamped, addressed envelope is attached to the survey form. For those who may read this in other parts of the world (Good Day Roger), a short e-mail would be welcome.

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