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By George

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Seven m.p.g. But We Were Warm



We went to an interdenomonational church, known as the cowboys'church, which was in a theatre which they rent on Sundays. We were greeted warmly by a mixed congregation of say 1,000, black and white, young and old. We felt slightly out of place after the first 40 minutes when the bible reading stopped and the proper service began because, as visitors, we hadn't brought our hymn books with us (the theatre seats were not designed to accomodate such items). We left before the end; as ageing presbyterians an hour is fine and two tests emotions which are not normally thought about in church.

The weather is now turning wintry indeed and as we drove from Texas into Memphis on the I-40, moving slowly north all the time, we had a day of almost continual snow. Mareli prevented this from spoiling our panoramic view through the windscreen by placing the 2kw fan heater on the dashboard and thus melting the accumulating snow and ice. We're quite mad of course but fortunately the road itself was safe because of the continuous truck traffic which prevented it from settling or freezing. Having the diesel engine right at the back makes for a quiet ride but the hot air from the engine is barely warm by the time it reaches the dashboard so we turn on the 7.5 kw generator and have all the heat we want. What I hadn't realised until the following day when I filled the diesel tank was that heavy usage of the diesel generator, which fills itself from the main tank, reduced my m.p.g. from just under 9 to just under 7! Ah well, you

can't have everything.

We went to see the Grand Ol Opry in Nashville, the home of country and western music, and it was quite an experience. It has been a radio programme since 1925 continuously and to appear you have to be what one might call a legend in your time. This means that the performers are extremely well known to the audience, in the same way that George Formby, Gracie Fields, or say Vera Lynn would have been in the UK, and the applause is perhaps more for what they were than what they are now, but nevertheless it was a memorable evening. The quantity of sequins on both male and female stars, particularly the former, reminded me of the days of "Come Dancing", one of the singers had recently had his 85th birthday and another, of apparent similar vintage, required a walking stick to assist his progress on and off stage. It transpired he was only 65 but was reputed to have led a wild life!

The volume was indescribable but whether it was for the benefit of the geriatric audience or the fading stars I couldn't begin to tell you. We can only say we were very glad we went!

We have had enormous fun, the motorhome is fantastic, and we can't wait to come back in August!



Roger is now back with us, so if the speaker doesn’t turn up again this week  ………….

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