Early Days

You may have read about our club’s involvement with the Foodbank (on our Facebook page) but today I am going to give you a few thoughts of the early days of Perth St John's.

Our club, whilst being involved in the international work of Rotary International, is only a small club today. And over the years we have really kept away from huge projects and concentrated on local help wherever this need occurs.

Young people in the water at Loch Killin

One of my first memories is when we took members of the Blind Society on a camping holiday to Loch Killin near Loch Ness. We trained the blind a little into how to pitch a tent in total darkness, but we had no idea that they practised themselves and became absolutely expert. So when we who had sight started and tripped over guy ropes, the blind got on and pitched their tents both quickly and expertly and left us miles behind.

On the same weekend we had a marvellous demonstration of shooting stars and we told our blind friends what we were seeing. Mike Thomson the next day persuaded us to partner up with a blind friend and to jump into the river, holding her hand, where he inaccurately dropped a li-lo.

We repeated our link with the blind association and we went to Kindrogan Field Centre. I was their treasurer, and we had an indoor BBQ which was a great success apart from the blackened ceiling !!!

I will never forget John Stephen riding a bike for two with a blind friend, but the blind person was at the front of the bike !!!!

Our President that year, Donald P MacDonald was top notch of our Rotary Area (Area 1), and I was tasked to organise our get together and we chose Crieff Hydro and we booked the entire hotel. Having felt that this event was stuffy, we chose not to have a formal evening but a festival night and had dancing on the tables !!! That is the type of club that Perth St Johns is like.

For many years we have been Carol singing at an old folks home and this continues to today. We really get involved in our local community; this is what gives our club its individuality.

Michael Archibald