Supporting AfrAsia-link

Children of Agun Ki, The House of Hope, at the end their school term with a present (pens and pencils).

One of our members, John Pepper, is Project Manager with AfrAsia-link, and currently working in Thailand, getting volunteers into teaching roles to help poorer Thai children. He sent as an update on two activities in Nagaland, NE India in support of NARUDA , a local NGO. We have donated to these activities.

The children may look happy enough now, but they’ve all had a poor start in life – abandonment, being sold into servitude, abusive parents … which the charity is now rectifying.

Nzau village council members with 500L water tanks for households.

Water is an issue in Nagaland. Many people live on hilltops (easy to defend!) and, during the dry season, there is no water. People have to walk downhill to pools for bathing and to collect water. AfrAsia-Link bought water tanks – some which came from Rotary money – so that rainwater can be harvested during the wet season.

Donations to Local Charities

We have recently made donations to some important charitable causes: Lead Scotland , Perth & Kinross Music Foundation , and AfrAsia-link .

Representatives, seen here with President Robert Macduff-Duncan and other Rotarians, joined us at lunch recently to tell us about their work.

We also made donations to The Brain Tumour Charity , and Freedom From Fistula .